Cosmos Square Inc. supports various rich and scientific content sites and applications that have been freely available, with no advertising, for many years. In fact, there are currently over 800 sites, portals, and applications, offering close to 100 thousand interactive Web pages. This has only build possible with the dedicated work and contribution of many. This work is on-going and there is much more currently in development for the coming years. Your support is precious and appreciated.

How to contribute
There are many ways to contribute and everyone choose and combine, including through:

  • Email contact, with comments, questions, and suggestions.

  • Financial supporttoCosmos Square Inc., by using a dedicated PayPal account, which provides simple and secure support for multiple payment methods, including for common credit cards, and which is directly accessible through the just link below:



We thank you for your contribution and support to the research, development, improvement and accessibility of the Cosmos Square Inc. Web publications.