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Figaro de Montmartre

In a worldwide tour, since 2008, after France, Great-Brittain, Italy, West-Indies, and now America, Figaro de Montmartre drives its original Electro Vintage musical concept mixing trip hop, jungle, dub-step, DnB, break beat, with Montmartre Cabaret (1925-1975) jewels.

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From the sounds of Augustus Pablo, Lee Perry, Roni Size, and Massive Attack, to the songs of Serge Gainsbourg, Claude Nougaro, Josephine Baker, and others, Figaro de Montmarte's music and performance are original, dynamic and innovative.

With Mad Professor and Stuart Hawkes, on the "Place à la Nuit" (MadeinPigalle/2008-UK) album, as well as U-ROY deejaying with them at HARRY J Studio in Jamaica, where for the first time, the Reggae temple opened doors to an elktro group.